• Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square
  • Casual Coral - Square

Casual Coral

Casual Coral

Square/ Extra Short



Is it orange? Is it Pink? It’s Casual Coral, the perfect mix of both worlds! An amazing summer color that will mesmerise you and instantly put a smile on your face. In warm light it looks more orange and in cooler lighting it has a pop of pink! Note that it tends to photograph more towards orange.

Make the Switch to Press-on Nails

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution or beautiful eco friendly nails, look no further!

✓ Easy & fast application
✓ Salon-quality results
✓ Non-toxic & non-damaging
Reusable nails

Our press-on nails are made of recycled ABS-plastic with a design and gel topcoat on top to give the impression of a salon gel manicure! When it comes to our models with a painted design that differs from the base color, we recommend using your favorite topcoat on top to avoid wear and tear so that you can reuse your nails on multiple occasions. With the right application and fit, you can get a long-lasting result for up to 1-2 weeks!

All of our nails have been carefully developed to look realistic and like you've spent hours in the nail salon. We use the "European" style when it comes to structure, where the apex (the highest point) is placed further back on the nail and the nail comes straight out from the finger and slightly upwards when looking from the side, instead of pointing downwards.


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  • 30 Nails
  • 60 Gluetabs
  • 1 Nail file
  • 1 Cuticle tool
  • 2 Alcohol wipes


✔ Developed by a professional nail tech

✔ Easy & fast application

✔ Salon-quality results

✔ Non-damaging & Non-toxic

✔ Vegan & cruelty free

✔ Made of recycled material


  • Wash your hands and dry completely.
  • Push back your cuticles with the cuticle tool.
  • Buff your nails with the nail file.
  • Sanitise your nails with the alcohol wipe.
  • Pick a gluetab that fits your entire nail and apply it.
  • Pick a press-on nail that fits your natural nail and apply it by pushing the base slightly under your cuticles, folding down and pressing on the nail for about 10-20 seconds.
  • Repeat for all nails!
  • For detailed step-by-step instructions and a video, visit our instructions page.


  1. Are the nails reusable?


  2. Can I adjust the nails?

    Absolutely, you can file the nails with the included nail file and use stickers or nail polish if you want to customize them. Keep in mind that nail polish remover contains substances that are made to dissolve plastic and can also dissolve the design of the press-on nail.

  3. Are your products vegan?

    Yes, all our products are 100% vegan and always cruelty free!

  4. How long do the nails last?

    With proper application and fit, your press on nails can last for up to 1-2 weeks. If you feel that a glue tab is starting to loosen its grip, just remove it and replace it with a new one. After 2 weeks, we recommend attaching new glue tabs even if they remain on your own nails. The nails themselves are made to be used several times and how long they last depends on your lifestyle and how well you take care of the press on nails.
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Step 1: Prep

File & sanitise your nails with the alcohol wipes

Step 2: Gluetabs

Apply the Gluetabs

Step 3: Press-on's

Apply the Press-on nails

Step 4: Done!

Show off your new nails to the world!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Frida Pettersson
Snygg, men fel färgåtergivning.

Jättefin och bra kvalitet! Men färgen överensstämmer inte med bilden. Är mycket mer rosa och inte så orange som bilderna visar.
Bra form till mina korta och platta naglar. Sitter ca 1 vecka på mig.

Förstår inte varför gluetabs inte matchar nagelstorlek

Naglarna är toppen på alla vis men de hade ju underlättat om storleken på klisterlapparna hade matchat naglarna?

Annelie Bergman
Härlig färg

Härlig färg

Christina Andersson

Swischa nails har verkligen överraskat mej! De sitter verkligen som berget! Har haft de när jag gjort grovjobb i trädgården, varit på spa, bakat osv! Och de sitter kvar! Modellen square är precis lagom långa! Gillar de verkligen 😊

Anna Lundblad

Hade den inte varit ljusare i verkligen än på bild så hade den fått 5 stjärnor. Trots det kommer den att bli en riktig sommarfavorit.

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